About Us

About Us

How Der Electronic Company, established on 1981, is a professional manufacturer specializing in Terminal Blocks. We believe in this fast changing environment, one must possess trustworthy principles, innovative creations, superior quality control, manageable teamwork, so to achieve harmonious environment as well as excellent growth. We strongly believe that “Specialty Products and Service Innovations” are the winning spirits in order to succeed in the 21st century.

Based in Taiwan, but with the broad view of globalization, has always been How Der’s operation principle. Over 40 years, How Der has been continuously working on enhancing product quality to its highest level possible and focusing on the creation of new and advanced products. The company also incorporates in fully automatic facilities to minimize production errors and establishing online random checks to maximize quality control. How Der’s goal is to ensure customer satisfaction on delivery schedules and product qualities.

How Der strongly believes that superior quality is the basis for product continuality and its existence in the market. With this in mind, How Der is well known for its stringent quality control and has obtained numerous International Quality Certifications. This shows that How Der is serious about its product’s superior quality and it’s the best quality assurance to their precious customers.

How Der has strong technical support team that can design various products based on customer’s unique requirements. How Der also welcomes customer’s co-input to make specialty products. How Der is capable of enduring all levels of difficulties, but still able to produce the high quality standard yet reasonable price products. We look forward to having you come and experience our VIP services.

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