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Barrier Terminal Block Manufacturer

We aim to deliver you the best barrier type terminal block for the best price at How Der Electronic Co., Ltd., the barrier terminal block manufacturer. We are committed to meeting our clients' demands by providing high-quality items as well as timely and dependable service. We take pride in offering everything you require and making it simple to locate and purchase these things. Your attention, feedback, and suggestions are much appreciated. If you are looking for a barrier terminal block manufacturer, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.
PITCH: 7.62 mm, Rating: 10A, 250V,Wire Range: 22~16 AWG, FTB-700


PITCH: 7.62 mm, Rating: 10A, 250V,Wire Range: 22~16 AWG

Specification :

PITCH(mm): 7.62 mm
Rating(A): 10A
Voltage(V): 250V
Wire Range(AWG): 22~16 AWG
PIN: 02~30

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The exact definition of barrier terminal block manufacturer can be found here. How Der Electronic Co., Ltd. works to create and study high-quality barrier type terminal block for the benefit of its customers. Our employees are aware of their responsibilities and make certain that the job or tasks that have been given to them are performed on time. Our team's ability to adapt with the changing business climate and perform well is aided by regular training sessions. Please contact us at any time for more information about our high-quality barrier terminal block manufacturer.